Block Plant v15

Future Block Plant

This will be the block plant that is built in a place TBA to start producing blocks and panels for the market place. Please click below for investment opportunities.

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8ftx8ft shed v2

Small sheds

I cast aircrete panels to made small sheds (less then 100 sq/ft). these panels will will be fireproof and be insulated shed that will keep shed cool in summer and warm in the winter.

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Dome Consulting

I took the Domegia dome building workshop in Oregon this summer and can assist in consulting and teaching the needed skills to build your own dome.

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Aircrete will change the world

Aircrete was first used about a 100 years ago and was lost in the USA but Aircrete Systems is going to change that. First let me tell you want aircrete is, its a mix of cement, water, and a thick foam like shave cream. When it cures you have a light weight insulating building material. Aircrete Systems will building a first of it’s kind block factory in Mojave,CA in 2019. It will produce block, wall panels, kilns, metal melting furnaces, and rocket mass stoves.

Full Eco Block v3 v2