Block Plant and Cement supplier

The company I'm forming will have a Eco-Block Factory on the US Virgin Islands that will have a 6000 Block a day capacity and will also import cement for people to use for rebuilding.

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Computer Aided Home Design and Pre-engineering

I will offer phone consults and design home plans that you want to build. Even offer landscape and pool design. My goal is to put on paper what you have in your mind. I will offer pre designed and engineered homes that will go up in weeks not months. So call and we will get started right away on your project.

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Full design and construction of your Dream home

Will offer full turnkey solutions to build the home of your dreams. I will work hand and hand with the owner to build the best and safest homes on the islands.

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Aircete? What's That?

Aircrete is the process of combining a cement and water into a slurry. And then adding a special foam from a computer controlled machine called a Stable Air Foam Generator from Cellular Concrete Technologies, LLC( Then the mix is poured into block molds to make our special Eco-Blocks.

I will ship in all the equipment and supplies to produce 6000 Eco-Blocks a day to the Island of St. Croix. I will set up on bought or rented land. The plant will include a 90Ton cement silo, 20,000 Gal water storage, 2 mixer trucks, block delivery truck, and a flatbed truck as well as other support equipment.

So I should have the capacity to cast enough block to build 6 medium size houses a day. I will offer a demo area were customers can mock up house design plans right on the parking lot to get an idea of room design.

I plan on hiring only local workers on the island and paying above minimum wage. I will try and keep costs low for the people on the island. I'm looking to price a block around $5 for a 150mmX250mmX600mm (5 7/8"x9 13/16"x23 5/8") Eco Block. So a 1000 sq/ft house for shell and interior walls is about $5000 and at that point, you almost have a house. An average person can stack 1000 blocks by themselves a day so it also very fast to build your dream house. And perfect for the DIY'er on the Island as construction is fast and easy even for someone that has never touched a block before, can build a wall like a pro. Blocks can be cut and formed like wood. So half blocks and opening can easily be cut with a wood hand saw or power equipment. For more construction help contact me at (907) 315-5526