2 Car Garage with Roof
8ftx8ft shed v2

Our Mission

Our mission as a company is to make it possible to end homelessness and provide everyone that needs a home a home. We will do that by giving 20% of profits to build housing for the homeless. And we well build structure that will stop fire, bugs, rot, and mold.

So you will never lose your home to fire or nature.

Our Story

I started the company because of the hurricanes that struck Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands. And I wanted to find a good building material that could be used to rebuild the islands but, never found the funding. I then worked to make Southern California the base of operation but that didn’t work out. So I moved back to my home state of Washington to regroup and push forward to finish the R&D on the products for the aircrete factory.

Meet the Team

These are the people working on saving the world. And will serve your needs and do it with a smile.

me 3

Jeffrey Krupke

Founder & CEO

Dreamer, Visionary, Designer, and Builder