Our Approach

I want to restore your home to like new after the storm. And what we will build together will be the best and safest home you can build for your family. I will integrate Aircrete blocks into your home, replace fallen walls with new insulated walls that will cut cooling costs. I will also be offering to set up solar systems to keep the lights on after the storm is over.

Our Story

This company was formed shortly after the USVI and PR got hit so hard by the 2017 Hurricane season. I was planning on bringing the Aircrete idea to Hawaii’s Big Island but I saw the need of the people of the Caribbean so I knew I need to act right now. So I worked up a plan of equipment need and the right molds and foam systems. I will be setting up a block factory that could produce 3,000,000 building block a year. That can build 3,000 1000sqft homes.  This technology will change lives and re-build lives.

Meet the Team

The team right now is just close family but I attend to locally hire partners on USVI and PR.

Jeffrey Krupke

Founder & CEO

Long history of farming, building, repairing, fabricating, sales, designing, dreaming. I want to give everyone a home to live in.