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https://youtu.be/vEtIfoS-toU Link to the video 1967 house of the future

I want to build the 1967 home of the future first I will go throu Add Formgh the list presented in the video and how we can make it happen in 2018!

All homes should offer the following. Natural beauty, fresh air, privacy, playgrounds, gardens, benches which design could make happen even in a high density as in the Habit 67 in Montreal, Quebec. I will spend most of my time covering the living room of the future.

The first part talks about the home run off a fuel cell. That will not be possible as that technology is not here and will not in the future I can see. But I would replace this with solar panels and a Tesla Power Wall type of device so it can be off the grid like there home of the future.

The next thing is illuminated light panels in wall and ceiling. This can be easily done with LED lights behind plastic. I would use RGB LED’s to get the best effect.

CCTV to see who is at the door before you open it. This can be done with an off-the-shelf Ring Doorbell.

Now the next one is tricky an electrostatic cleaning chamber. I checked on this and I could not find this technology available currently. Could be replaced by a standard shower in an airlock. But I think this can be skipped. But areas in China and other heavy industrial areas could benefit from shower/cleaning rooms from they enter the clean living area.

Large 3D TV screen is the next thing on the list. This is an easy one as Large TV are super cheap and there is the talk of halo-TV’s but that is years away. The TV can also act as the information device talked about later.

Sound System this is also something very easy today. There are many speaker systems that can work for this requirement. This speaker system would tie into the TV and central computer for Internet music services with voice commands.

Now the next is kind of funny blow up chairs and paper chairs. I think both things should just be replaced with foldable furniture which doesn’t take up much space and can be stored away when not in use.

Then he talks about 30-hour work days and month-long vacations. The sounds like a dream to me.

Then goes into the entertainment options with TIVO-like functionality and Internet music like Spotify.

Air conditioning this is a given in any modern home.

Auto Darkening Glass has been available for a number of years but is still pricey so I would limit this to small windows.

Then he explains the Information Station and what it does print newspaper articles, weather app, stock reports, telephone, video calls and security cameras. All these things can be done on your smartphone, smart TV, most video games systems, and desktop/laptop computer.

Next, they talk about educating kids and adults at home. So, this is handled by computers or smartphones.

Next is Microwaves which is standard in all homes.

Programmed meals this is not happing there are robot chef kitchens where two robotic arms work in a kitchen like area. I pretty sure this will not be standard for many more years. But I would install the TV refrigerators it helps with meal planning and you can see in the frig when you are at the store, it will also do auto orders and keep track of food dates and stuff to cut down on waste.

The next item is talking about a system the molds your plates and bowls as you need them and then you grind the dirty plates to make new ones. This won’t happen as you can’t recycle plastic over and over. So, it’s very wasteful. I would offer a dishwasher and real dishes.

Then they talk about Automated restaurants this idea must have died right away as none are around now the closest thing is vending machines that make pizza but those are super rare except in Japan.

Next is servant robots, this really has not happened either. I do personally own a Roomba vacuum, but I don’t think it in the same class as say “Rosie” on the Jetsons TV show.

The thing they didn’t touch on is filtered air and water would be part of my future home.

So, 98% of aspects of the 1967 home of the future is here and waiting to be put in to practice. I hope to make these future homes cheap enough to afford a 30-hour work day and have a lot of time to work on making things better in the future.

Thank for looking back….to the future.

Jeffrey Krupke


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